Colored Pencil Art


Alberta Artist Dee Poisson creates incredibly detailed coloured pencil drawings. Her artwork consists of wildflowers, birds, floral art. Canadian nature art at it’s finest!

Dee Poisson, AFCA – Artist Statement

“Through my work over the past 20 years, I have strived to share little things and places that people rush by every day without seeming to notice.  The contemplative process of colored pencil is a contradiction to the speed of contemporary society and lends itself so well to the details of the subjects that I choose.   There are other mediums in my life yet none match the relevance of colored pencil for me.

My work shows the beauty of inconsequence. I endeavor to bring life to the ordinary so that it can be appreciated.  I have learned to see and its exciting that there is so much more to enjoy in our surroundings when we are not in a hurry.